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City of Stuart Fire Rescue


Thank you for stopping by our website and your interest in our organization.

The City of Stuart Fire Rescue Department was founded in 1915 and we are very proud to be a part of a department rooted in such deep history. We have come quite a long way in our 104-year history. Our personnel are extremely dedicated to making our department the very best it can be by providing outstanding fire and emergency medical services to our residents and visitors every day.  We operate out of two fire stations with all of our apparatus licensed to Advanced Life Support (ALS) level.

In April 2019, the City of Stuart Fire Rescue was awarded a Class 1 rating by the Insurance Services Office (ISO).  This is an amazing accomplishment for our fire department and City as only 348 out of over 43,000 fire departments evaluated throughout the country have achieved this rating!

Strategic Vision

Stuart Fire Rescue is committed to delivering the highest level of Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Mission Statement

Making a difference in our community, saving lives and property.

High-Performance Attitudes

  1. Never
  2. Always
  • Shun the opportunity to make a difference for those in crisis.
  • Find ourselves unprepared or unwilling to respond.
  • Dismiss an opportunity to improve our services.
  • Intentionally harm, embarrass, or humiliate our customers.
  • Be disrespectful, callous, or disgrace our department's image.
  • Never intentionally demoralize, demean, or deflate our members.
  • Discount any opportunities, large or small, to increase our individual or organizational effectiveness - training.
  • Ignore our primary life-saving responsibility to act.
  • Risk the lives of our members.
  • Rest on our prior performance and past accomplishments.
  • Intentionally deceive others, promulgating distrust of our organization.
  • Stagnate or rest on our laurels.