Go Solar Stuart.

We are committed to becoming a Solsmart City with goal to develop a streamlined process for solar permitting and inspections, install solar energy systems on key future local government facilities, and expand and communicate solar finance options for residential or commercial properties.

Why go Solar?

1.Solar PV is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Going solar will reduce the amount of green house gases that are required to power your home. Reducing green house gas emissions translates into less pollution and cleaner air and water.

2.Solar PV reduces your electric bills. By going solar you can greatly reduce and even eliminate your monthly electric bill.

3.Solar PV can provide power when the utility company’s power is out. With Solar PV you can power your house even when the local utility company’s power is out.

Does my roof get enough sun?

Google has created a web tool to assist in the determination of your home’s solar potential. Click on the link below  to view information on solar PV requirement for your roof as well as your potential savings and the estimated timeframe of your return on investment.

Click here for Google’s Project Sunroof.

Solar Permitting

Our Solar Permitting Process is hassle free with a three day or less turnaround time for solar permit approval.

Follow the steps on the solar check list for both thermal and Photovoltaic solar systems to secure a solar permit.

Solar checklist.