East Stuart Main Street


East Stuart Main Street
Post Office Box 1637
Stuart, FL 34995-1637

101 SW Flagler Avenue
Stuart, FL 34994
 Phone: (772) 600-1248
Fax: (772) 600-1257
How Does Main Street Work?
Across the country, Main Street communities are seeing life return to their downtowns with new shoppers visiting businesses and a new generation discovering the history and traditions that makes them unique.

East Stuart Main Street is making a difference with cultural events, cleanups, and entrepreneur training.

You can help change your community for the better with the Main Street Four-Point Approach
®, a step-by-step plan for a better future.

Build a positive image of our community with public relations, advertising, and retail and special events.

An attractive community begins with landscaping, lighting, signage, and well designed and maintained buildings led by the Design Committee.

Economic Restructuring
Healthy businesses are the basis of economic opportunities for all. Work to strengthen our existing businesses and recruit new ones on the Economic Restructuring Committee.

A better community starts with strong partnerships. Work with volunteers, recruit new members, fundraise, and build relationships on the Organization Committee.
Your help lets your community respect and preserve your unique heritage and assets while supporting all aspects of revitalization.

Please join today!

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