City Commission


The City of Stuart City Commission consist of five members elected to serve two-year terms. The Commission selects a Mayor and Vice Mayor through a vote by the Commission in November of every year.

Each member of the City Commission serves an important liaison role city-wide to ensure that the entire City of Stuart is fully represented as key issues are addressed.

Commission Group Phot - 2018

Your Elected Officials

Mayor Kelli Glass-Leighton

Kelli Glass Leighton

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/Group IV/

/Term 9-2017- 9-2019/

Commissioner Becky Bruner

Becky Bruner

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/Vice Mayor/

/Group II/

/Term 9-2017 - 9-2019/

Commissioner Troy McDonald

Troy McDonald

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/Group III/

/Term 9-2016 - 9-2018/

Commissioner Eula Clarke

Eula Clarke

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/Group V/

/Term 9-2016 - 9-2018/

Commissioner Nick Blount

Nick Blount

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/Group I/

/Term 2018/


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