Crime Mapping

Stuart Police Department

Data Analytics

analysisWe are now pushing incident data out to all of our officers in their cars and offices for the purpose of analyzing trends and patterns. Modern policing concepts like inteligent led policing, DDACTS (Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety), and predictive policing can be achieved at every level of the agency.


Data is translated to the map and citizens can take part by viewing limited information on incidents in the city.  Enter 34994 or your zip code in the "City Search" when you visit the website:

Crime tips and setting alerts are just a couple things you can do.


Data sharing with other agencies is a kedensityy feature that led us to this product. Other agencies using this product can see our data and we can see theirs making pattern analysis across jurisdictions possible.



What you see: Citizens see limited information about an incident like general location, call type and case number

What we see: We see detailed information about every incident to include vehicles and suspects to better analyze data.