Fire Prevention

The fire prevention office is responsible for the inspection and review of businesses, building plans and permitting pertaining to fire code compliance.  This is accomplished through code compliant plan reviews and inspections for new structures, annual fire inspections and business insspections.  Through these inspections our intentions are to protect business owners from potential fires before they occur, and to protect the public while in these premises.
Our goal is to educate property owners on fire safety in the workplace and correct all non-compliances.
The State of Florida has adopted the Florida Fire Prevention Code, NFPA Life Safety Code, and the Florida Building Code. The City of Stuart also abides by specific city ordinances. State statues give enforcement power to the local jurisdiction.

With over 2,000 businesses in the City of Stuart, the fire inspectors have a variety of sizes and types of inspections to complete. They also perform numerous other duties to include:

  • Local Business Tax Fire Inspections
  • Annual Fire Inspections
  • Building Plan Reviews
  • Building Permit Reviews
  • Fire Alarm Reviews
  • Fire Sprinkler Reviews
  • Fire Investigations