Fire Home

800 SE Martin Luther King, Jr Blvd
Stuart, FL 34994

(772) 288-5360

2008 Fire Department Group Photo

Strategic Vision

Stuart Fire Rescue is committed to delivering the highest level of Fire and Emergency Medical Services.

Mission Statement

Making a difference in our community, saving lives and property.

High Performance Attitudes


Shun the opportunity to make a difference for those in crisis.

Find ourselves un-prepared or unwilling to respond.

Dismiss an opportunity to improve our services.

Intentionally harm, embarrass, or humiliate our customers.

Be disrespectful, callous, or disgrace our department's image.

Never intentionally demoralize, demean, or deflate our members.

Discount any opportunities, large or small, to increase our individual or organizational effectiveness - TRAINING.

Ignore our primary life-saving responsibility to act.

Risk the lives of our members.

Rest on our prior performance and past accomplishments.

Intentionally deceive others, promulgating distrust of our organization.

Stagnate or rest on our laurels.




Respond in an enthusiastic, energetic, and resourceful manner.

Be well prepared to answer the call to duty.

Commit to creative and effective ways to staff our Fire and EMS vehicles.

Convey caring and compassion.  Make ourselves available to help those who are less fortunate.

Treat others with dignity and respect.

Admininster discipline in a constructive manner.  Always applied fairly and without bias.

Take advantage of opportunities to enhance our firefighting skills and EMS delivery capabilities.

Do our best to save lives and property.

Train ourselves in such a manner that we can perform safely and effectively on the emergency scene.

Treat our customers like family.

Strive to perform better, work smarter, and increase responder safety.