Storm Water Pollution Hotline - 24 hours a day

Telephone: (772) 600-1260
Contact: Stormwater Specialist

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BMP Descriptions:
Public Education and Outreach - Distribute educational materials and perform outreach to inform citizens, businesses, boaters and school age children about the impacts polluted stormwater runoff discharges can have on water quality.

Public Participation and Involvement - Provide opportunities for citizens to participate in the development and implementation of a stormwater management program in the City of Stuart.

Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination -Develop, implement, and enforce a plan to detect and eliminate illicit discharges to the City's storm drainage system.
Construction Site Runoff - Develop, implement, and enforce an erosion and sediment control program for construction activities that disturb one acre or more of land.

Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping - Develop and implement a program to reduce or eliminate pollutant runoff from City facilities and operations.

St. Lucie River Protection Plan Components - Develop and implement a Pet Waste Ordinance program.

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FSA - Stormwater Project Outstanding Achievement Award, 2012

The photos show a beautifully and recently restored Memorial Park located in the heart of downtown Stuart.

The purpose of the restoration of Memorial Park was to mitigate recurring flooding in a passive park with many stormwater improvements along with the creation of a bio-swale to improve water quality.

Many park amenities were added including pavilions, a pedestrian bridge and benches along the winding brick-paved walkways throughout the park.

And one of its highly significant environmental improvements - it is completely irrigated with reclaimed water.

pdf 16px BMAP - 2016 Progress Report

pdf 16px Phase II NPDES Permit ID # FLR04E031 (Cycle 4) - Notice of Renewed Permit Coverage

pdf 16px 2016 NPDES Annual Report Phase II MS4 Permit ID # FLR04E 031

City Watershed Protection and Restoration Program - One of the most comprehensive watershed improvement programs.

City Watershed Protection Slide Show- Watershed Protection and Improvement Program.

Haney Creek Trail Slide Show - A Visual Walking Tour.

 Call the City hotline if you wish to report pollution discharges such as:

  • Intentional dumping of trash, yard waste, used motor oil, paint, or other pollutants into a storm drain, ditch, pond, lake, or stream
  • Sanitary sewer overflows
  • Discharges of sediments from construction sites into storm drains or tracked onto public roadways
  • Suspected illegal dumping sites

You will be calling an automated voice mail system so please speak as clearly as possible. State your name, address, and phone number so that we may contact you if additional information is needed. The information you provide is confidential. You may remain anonymous if you wish.

Provide as much information as you can about your observation. Include a brief description of your observation, the location or address of the event, the type of pollutant discharged, date and time of the discharge.

Protecting our water resources is essential to life on our planet!