Support Services Division

tummo The Support Services Division of the Stuart Police Department is comprised of one Captain, one Detective Sergeant, one Corporal and two civilian Coordinators. These four supervisorscoordinate the efforts of four separate and distinct units. They are the Criminal Investigations Division, Communications Division, and the Records Division and the IT Division.

The entire Support Services Division is commanded by Captain Joseph “Tummo” Tumminelli. Captain Tumminelli is a 19 year veteran of the department, and has two years’ experience as a Correctional Officer working for the Florida Department of Corrections. He began his career with the agency in 1997. He holds several college degrees, with an A.S. in Criminal Justice Academy Track, a B.A. in Criminal Justice Administration and Master’s Degree in Business Administration (M.B.A). Captain Tumminelli started his career as a road patrol officer and worked his way through the ranks. His first special assignment was crime scene investigator and the evidence technician, and then moved on to be a narcotics detective for many years. He then was a Corporal for the road patrol division, a Corporal for the Special Operations Unit, a Sergeant for the Road Patrol Division, and a Sergeant for the Special Operations Division. Captain Tumminelli was a SWAT operator and was appointed SWAT commander. He was promoted to Captain in 2014 and commanded the Operations Division until he was transferred to the Support Division in January 2016. He has attended many hours of advanced training to include 55th Command Officer Development Course through the Southern Police Institute (SPI). He is a graduate of LEADERShip Martin County (Class #20). He is a graduate from the (DEA) Basic Narcotics Class and has attended LEEDA (FBI) Executive classes.

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) of the Stuart Police Department is led by the Detective Sergeant. He has three general assignment detectives and one detective assigned to crime scene investigation and evidence management. The main function of the CID is to investigate serious crimes within the city limits. Detectives are assigned death investigations, embezzlement, sexual assaults, suicides, traffic related fatalities, robberies, aggravated batteries, aggravated assaults, frauds, counterfeiting, identity theft, burglaries and cold case review (unsolved homicides).

The Communications Division and Records & IT are all supervised by civilian Coordinators. The Coordinator for the communications center has eight full time dispatchers and three part-time dispatchers. The Records and IT Coordinator supervises both the Records Unit and the IT Unit. The Records Unit has two full time employees and one part-time employee. The IT Unit has one full time IT specialist. The Coordinator does double duties by assisting with both units while answering all public records requests and is the liaison for the multiple State agencies that collect crime related data.