Land Development Code

Terry O'Neil, Development Director
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What is the Land Development Code? 

The City of Stuart’s Land Development Code (LDC) contains regulations for:

  • How land may be used and may not be used;
  • How much can be built (e.g., how tall the buildings can be, how many units can be put on each acre, how much of the lot they can cover, how much parking and landscaping must be provided);
  • What resources have to be protected and how;
  • How projects should be designed; and
  • How approvals are granted for new development, expansions of existing buildings, or redevelopment.

The City of Stuart is considering Ordinance Number 2289-2014, which would amend Chapter 3 “Overlay Zones” and Chapter 12 “Definitions” of the City’s Land Development Code (LDC), thereby defining and establishing marinas and marinas with live aboard vessels; and to declare “Zoning in Progress” pursuant to Section 1.02.04 of the LDC so that no plans, permits, licenses, or other development orders of any kind shall be issued if issuance would result in the nonconforming or unlawful use of the subject property in the event that the text amendment or zoning district change be enacted by the City Commission (freeze period). 

City of Stuart Land Development Code - Revised & Restated 2016