City Manager

Mission Statement

The City Government is dedicated to promoting the highest quality of life for our citizens.

City Values

  • We treat each other with honesty, dignity, consideration and respect.
  • We are committed to providing high quality service while keeping taxes and service charges reasonable.
  • We always look for a better way.
  • We know that active partnerships with the community are vital to our success.
  • We know that the City is in the business of customer service, and the citizens are our shareholders.
  • Laws and regulations are necessary to promote the health, safety and welfare of our community, and we apply them fairly and reasonably.
  • We recognize that employees are one of our greatest assets, so we select them with care, treat them with fairness, and promote their professional development.

Adopted by the City Commission on April 25, 1994.

Annual Reports

City Attorney

The City Attorney works directly for the City Commission by guiding and conducting the legal affairs of the city government, including drafting ordinances (laws), resolutions (policies), and contracts for approval by the City Commission. In addition, the City Attorney and legal staff assist the City Manager and City departments with all legal matters including:

  • The review of land development plans and documents.
  • Prosecution of code cases.
  • Conduct labor relations.
  • Defense and prosecution of civil court cases.
  • General legal assistance to all employees on city matters.

City Clerk

The City Clerk serves as the Chief Records Custodian for the City of Stuart in addition to facilitating good rule and efficient government to its citizens and providing administrative and information services to:

  • All City Departments
  • All City Boards
  • The Citizens of Stuart
  • The City Commission
  •  City Committees