Water Quality

South Florida Water Management District has collected water quality data from 48 tributaries to the St. Lucie River since 2001, at least four of which represent City watershed project tributaries. The City has also collected water quality data. So far, the City watershed projects appear to be producing water meeting the most stringent quality standards proposed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The City's Stormwater Improvement Program also includes recurring street sweeping in areas like old downtown where there is no room for more extensive projects, and vacuuming baffle boxes of accumulated sediments captured from stormwater at outfalls to the River and Creeks. Baffle boxes are underground concrete boxes with multiple chambers that catch trash, debris and sediments. The City has retrofit baffle boxes to every outfall, all 34 pipes, that convey stormwater from City jurisdiction directly from uplands to tide.