GO Request

GO RequestIt's easier than ever to contact the City of Stuart.

The City of Stuart has made it even easier for you to contact us with your requests, questions, and concerns.  

Public Records Requests

By using our online Public Records Request system we can respond and answer your needs faster and more effectively by making sure the correct department is responding to your needs. 

Any record or information requests should be submitted through this system.

Work Requests

Work Requests is a simple way for citizens to enter areas of concern that are tracked and responded to by staff. The system features simple pull-down menus and is a breeze to use. Work Requests is also available to iPhone and Android smartphone users by downloading a free application (search for Go Request in your app store). 

The Work Request system should be used to report issues like pot holes, animal complaints, lights being out, etc.

Advantages of Using These Systems

 The work request and public records requests greatly improve the way the City handles your requests by:

  • Creating a unique tracking number for each request to easily track its status at any time
  • Automatically providing the status of your request and notifies you when the request has been completed
  • Allowing you to contact the City whenever it’s most convenient for you