Neighborhood Revitalization Programs

The Community Redevelopment Agency has expanded their Neighborhood Revitalization Program to include Brush With Kindness and the Solar Energy Loan Fund (SELF) Program.

Solar and Energy Loan Fund (SELF) 

The Solar and Energy Loan Fund (SELF) is a non-profit that provides energy expertise and favorable financing to help property owners identify and make cost-effective home energy retrofits, including energy conservation; energy efficiency; and renewable energy alternatives. SELF clients are reducing their energy consumption and using the energy savings to help pay off the loans over time. Rebates and tax credits may also apply to many of the energy saving products financed through this program. SELF clients are also increasing their home equity, market value, and overall quality of life.

SELF is collaborating with the CRA to provide homeowners within the CRA with access to both grants and low-cost financing to make home energy improvements (e.g., roofs, air conditioners, windows/doors) and make repairs and replacement projects more affordable and attainable. The CRA will contribute up to $2,500 to the applicant to cover the gap for improvements that the SELF loan cannot finance.

Eligibility Requirements to apply for a Residential CDFI Loan:

  • Must be the homeowner of the home being improved
  • The home must be located in Florida, Alabama or Georgia
  • Must be current on property taxes.
  • Must be current on the mortgage of the home being improved.
  • Must be able to provide proof of income.
  • Must have disposable income each month.

Eligible Projects Financed by "SELF"

Energy Efficiency:

  • Air Conditioning Units
  • Water Heaters: Tank, Tankless & Instant
  • Duct Sealing
  • Weatherization Package: Caulking, Sealing and Weather Strips
  • Pool Pumps & Motors
  • Indoor/Outdoor Lighting
  • Insulation
  • Window Tinting

 Window & Storm Mitigation:

  • Impact Windows
  • Doors and Garage Doors
  • Hurricane Shutters and Fasteners
  • Roof Repair and Reinforcement, Hail Protection
  • Water Barriers: Roof Soffit Vent Sealing, Flashing
  • Hurricane Clips/Straps and Roof Anchors
  • Dry Wall Repair

Building Envelope:

  • Roofing and Roof Repairs
  • Windows
  • Doors/Door Frames
  • Garage Doors

 Indoor/Outdoor Water:

  • Low Flow Toilets/Showerheads/Aerators
  • Irrigation Package: Irrigation Controller, Timers, Soil Moisture Sensors, Sprinkler Heads, Drip Irrigation
  • Rain Water barrel/Cisterns and Reclamation

 Solar Energy:

  • Solar PV Panels
  • Solar Water Heaters
  • Solar Pool Pumps & Pool Heaters
  • Solar Attic Fans

 All information included in these pages is subject to change and/or revision without notice.

If you need further information on eligibility requirements, please contact SELF at:

Roy Eastman De Gannes, Treasure Coast Program Manager: 

 Telephone: (772) 468-1818

Alternate Email: 


A Brush with Kindness 

A Brush with Kindness is a program by Habitat of Humanity of Martin County that assists low-income homeowners complete exterior home improvements and correct code violations. The improvements include painting, landscaping, and/or critical home repairs to qualified homeowners in a form of no-interest and affordable loans. This program is available year-round. For more information, please contact the CRA Program Manager or Habitat for Humanity’s office at 772-223-9940. Apply Now!