Fire Safety Inspections

Fire Safety inspections are required to be conducted.  While not intended to be all-inclusive below is a list of the most common violations found during inspections.  Please contact the Fire Marshal Matt Cawley at 772-288-5360, ext 2 if you have any questions.


  • Building numbers
    1. 6 inches on the front & rear doors of the building
    2. Contrasting with background color
  • Electrical panel(s) at least 36 inches of clearance, clearly labeled, with no voids
  • Wiring in conduit and connections in junction boxes
  • Cover plates on outlets, GFCI outlets where shock hazard exists
  • Exits Clear of obstructions with working, battery backup, exit signs
  • Doors unlocked to occupants during business hours
  • Number of exits varies by occupancy type- inspector will verify compliance
  • Fire Extinguishers - at least one 2A-10BC extinguisher every 3,000 sq ft with maximum 75-ft travel distance.  Additional extinguishers may be required for higher hazard occupancies
    1. Must be mounted no more, at the top of the extinguisher, than 5 ft from the floor
    2. Must be visible and readily accessible
    3. Current annual inspection tag on extinguisher(s)


  • Fire Alarm System Current inspection tag on Fire Alarm Panel
  • Alarm log with inspection records and system diagram
  • Backflow preventer inspected annually – must be immediately visible and accessible
  • Valves monitored by fire alarm
  • Current inspection tag on main riser
  • Spare sprinkler heads and wrench on site
  • 18 inches of clearance around sprinkler heads
  • Hood System Current inspection tag, Hood cleaning tag & gas/electric shut-off with sign
  • Grease filters and ductwork clean
  • Fans operational
  • Tenant Separation Firewalls with compliant protection of penetrations
  • Fire Sprinkler System Fire department connection clear of obstructions and inlets capped with signage
  • Fire Department Connection labeled with signage
    1. Sign must be 18 X 12 inches of rigid metal material.
    2. Red lettering on white background.
    3. FDC letters 4 inch minimum, Address 1 inch minimum
    4. Mounted to a steel Uchannel post.
    5. Maximum of 7 feet in height from the road way to the bottom part of the sign.
    6. Address or addresses supplied must be on the sign. In the event the address is not applicable, sign must have the area that FDC services. (i.e. Dock Supply)
COS FDC sign