US-1/Federal Highway Street Tree Master Plan and Program

On October 25, 2021, the Community Redevelopment Agency approved to enter an Interlocal Agreement with the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council to develop U-1/Federal Highway Street Tree Master Plan from SW Joan Jefferson Way to Kanner Highway/Colorado Avenue to identify opportunities for new tree plantings adjacent to the right-of-way and enhance public streets. The goals of the program are to improve sidewalks with shade for pedestrians and bicyclists, reduce vehicular speeding and beautify the corridor. An increase in tree canopy will improve air quality, reduce noise, help conserve energy, reduce the heat island effect, reduce stormwater runoff, and increase property values. 

The outreach included workshops, open houses, and interviews with community stakeholders. The US-1/Federal Highway Street Tree Master Plan and Program was developed to implement the goals and vision for the corridor. The Master Plan identifies potential planting location strategies and recommendations of a limited palette of consistent tree species along the corridor. The intervention to add landscaping along the corridor will be part of any redevelopment, infill, or substantial improvement. 

The Master Plan considers the existing conditions, users, and ownership pattern along the corridor. All existing structures will remain and minimal impacts to existing parking or hardscape are illustrated in the plan. The Street Tree Planting Program will be implemented through coordination with property owners along the corridor to increase tree canopy and enhance public streets. The property owners may choose to participate in implementing the Master Plan and in return receive free tree(s) and/or palm(s) on the private portion of the US-1/Federal Highway frontage. Parcels may also be eligible for parking credit for converting excess parking into shade trees. The tree and palm species included in the program are provided in the Master Plan. 

The Master Plan is intended to be flexible to business needs and modifications may be necessary for implementation. The Master Plan also recommends an update to the Land Development Code to reflect desired expectations for redevelopment.

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Click HERE to see the proposed US-1 Federal Highway Street Tree Master Plan & Program.

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